Kammy Bhala

I have been drawing and sketching since I was about 6, that I remember. I used to doodle in the margins of my class notes all the way through college and into my career as a Civil Engineer – what else to do during a boring meeting? Some of those doodles have ended up as decorations on my pottery. I also love paisley designs (Indian heritage) and geometric shapes (engineer), some of which also end up as ceramic decorations.

I began ceramic work in 3D art class in high school – all hand building. But I was enthralled when I took a personal interest workshop in wheel thrown ceramics at the student union at Colorado State University. We had kick wheels; they were so much fun. Because I was making a living as a Civil Engineer, I bided my time by doing hand built pieces for a few years until there was an evening beginning throwing class at CRC with Linnell Barnhart. Then on to intermediate and advanced throwing with Yoshio Taylor. I also took the tile class, raku class, sculpture class, and quite a few workshops up at Sierra Nevada College (University now) at Incline Village.

Sample Works