Jolene Matson

After retiring from the teaching profession in 2010, I began sculpting in clay and then studied for three years with internationally known ceramic artist Yoshio Taylor.  I have shown my art at the California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Arts (CCACA) in Davis for the last seven years, at the KVIE Art Auction, at Archival Gallery, in Sacramento, at Lodi Arts Center, at ACAI Gallery, at Sacramento Fine Arts Center, and at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center in Elk Grove as an artist/member since 2013.  I have sold many pieces at these venues, as well as other venues.  I have received numerous awards for my sculpture since I began showing in 2013.

Accessible art is what I enjoy making…pieces that will touch the general public in some way.   My themes have included a series of sculptures depicting equine behavior, based on my experience as a horse owner and trainer, a series exploring human emotions as depicted by facial expression, and a series of dryads, which incorporate both nature and human characteristics. I am drawn to creating art that reflects my take on social and cultural life, and that examines personal reactions to these influences. I use the hollow-built ceramic technique to create each piece, and try to select a glazing technique that enhances the meaning of each piece.  I want my art to be pleasing to the eye, and expressive of the subject chosen.