Jan Rau

Jan Rau is primarily a watercolor artist living in Elk Grove, California. In addition she has done oils and pastels, has studied art at California State University, Sacramento, Cosumnes River College, the School of Light and Color, Fair Oaks, Lincoln City Art Gallery, Oregon and privately with artists such as David Lobenberg, David Peterson, Dick Beymer, Jan Miskulin and studied with several Elk Grove Fine Arts Center Workshop artists. 

She was raised in Los Angeles and St. Helena in Napa Valley and had no idea she would spend her adult years discovering an interest in painting and all things artistic.

She taught High School Physical Education for 2 years in Covina High School, L.A. and 24 years at Elk Grove High School in Elk Grove. Once retired she began her journey in the Arts World. Her watercolors and pastels are inspired by her love for crooked trees, sunsets, old barns and historical buildings.  She portrays those things through her appreciation of color, texture, light and shadows and all things that capture her interest at the time; always changing and exploring new mediums.

She has been a member of the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center from 2009 to the present, was Vice President in 2009 and Workshop Coordinator and Recording Secretary from 2009 until 2019.  She is now the Corresponding Secretary for the Fine Arts Center.

Her works can be found on the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center Website as well as hanging at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center.