Cynthia Minoli

Cynthia Minoli is a Northern California artist that is inspired by the grandeur of God’s artistic design. Observing the world through the lens of fabric, her work begins with her photography and is created solely with fabric and thread. She has always been drawn to the textural feeling of fabric in the hand, and the way colors can soothe and sway your mood.

Her aim is to create vibrant art that is joyful and brightens up your favorite room.

While raising her children, she spent time learning principles of art and enjoyed artistic creativity.
In 2020, after 22 years of homeschooling her children, she embarked on a career as a full-time artist.
Her work has been in the California Heritage Museum, The Scarab Creative Arts Gallery, The Sanchez Art Gallery, and is also in private collections from the Virgin Islands to Hawaii and the Mid-West.

Traveling to Carmel-by-the-Sea, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite with her husband are often the source of her inspirations. Her richly textured landscapes are achieved by cutting and layering thousands of pieces of fabric which are then stitched together illustrating depth and movement. This multi-layered surface draws the viewer in close to observe the texture then encourages you to step back and take in the overall scene.

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Debra Williams

Debra Williams is a watercolorist and scratchboard artist. Originally from the Northeast she has resided in northern California since the mid 80’s. She received her BA degree from CA State University, Fullerton in Painting and Drawing and a Single Subject Art Credential from UC Davis. She has won several awards for her art from elementary school to the present. Her work has been shown locally, nationally and internationally and is in collections in California, Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Texas.

All that is natural is her muse. She paints and scratches animals, insects, landscapes, portraits and flowers. With each painting she depicts the essence of her subject and the passion she feels for it. An underlying theme of her work is to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the natural world for future generations to explore and enjoy.

She can be reached at

Terry Defrates

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Illinois,  I had an interest in painting for as long as I can remember. Some of my best memories are of my mother and I taking art classes at the local museum. After high school I joined the Navy for four years of active duty. I was stationed at Pearl Harbor and assigned to Hickam Air Force Base. The Air Force enlisted man center offered a weekly class on oil painting. Dr. Soo taught me painting for a couple of years until my tour of duty was completed.

The next few years I attended Western Illinois University then Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.  At the university I was not interested in modern art so I followed a business degree.  Upon graduating I got married and started working. It was at this point that life got in the way of following my interest in art. It was not until we moved to Sacramento and I became Mr. Mom that I was able to take art classes. Studying first at Cosumnes River College, I transferred to Sacramento City College then finished my art studies at California State University-Sacramento. While studying at CRC a plein air class was offered. We were exposed to painting out side and I loved it. Since being out of college I have been painting when I can. In the last couple of years I have been plein air painting 4 to 6 days a week.

Susanne Gerich

Susanne has had the creative urge as long as she can remember – drawing, painting, and sewing her own clothes since childhood. She credits her mother, who also loved to paint, and Mrs. Lund, her high school art teacher, as her earliest influences.  The first art workshop she attended was together with her late mother, a special memory.

She grew up locally, and recalls exploring the then vast open fields where adventures awaited and she and her friends could spend the day unsupervised, indulging their curiosity and imaginations. She remained in the area after marriage, raising her family in the countryside with beloved horses, cats, and dogs. She worked in public service until retirement a few years ago.

With renewed passion and the luxury of time, she is now returning to her creative pursuits, concentrating on the medium of watercolor. While she has also worked with oils, she appreciates the unique flow of watercolor and the limitless patterns and beautiful effects that can result.

Largely self-taught, she has also taken watercolor classes from several local instructors. She designed a studio in her home that is large enough to work alongside a long time friend, and they enjoy sharing the day in quiet, peaceful creation.  She values the process of critiquing each other’s work as the day goes on and their pieces evolve.

Susanne is drawn to realistic renderings of both animals and people. Many of her works have been labors of love to honor cherished pets, past and present, of friends and family. She also finds gratification in capturing special moments of people’s lives – the simple joys of a grandchild’s smile, or the impish glint in the eye of a youngster at play.  

In addition to painting, Susanne loves exploring the world – always packing a sketchbook to illustrate and preserve new discoveries. She savors art museums and says her favorite is the ARoS Aarhus Kunmuseum, one of the largest in Denmark, established in 1859, ten stories high, and topped by a circular walkway enclosed by glass walls of graduated colors, providing an ever changing and multihued panorama of the city below.

In another life, Susanne surely was a creature of the water. She loves all things aquatic – swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and cruising. Her dream vacation is a trans-oceanic voyage with her days spent painting on deck.

Stacy Maeda

For as long as she can remember, Stacy Maeda has always nurtured a passion for both
art and animals. While she takes great pains to ensure that her detailed drawings and
paintings of animals are anatomically accurate, Stacy is adamant that her artwork also captures the animals’ individual spirit and personality. More recently, her body of work has expanded to include still life and landscape. She works primarily in oils and graphite pencil/charcoal.

Stacy earned a degree in Studio Art from the University of California at Davis but considers herself primarily a self-taught artist.

Stacy’s art has won awards in art competitions like the Artist’s Magazine Art Competition, the Western States Horse Expo Equine Art Show in Sacramento, Ca; the Art Show at the Dog Show in Wichita, Kansas; and the Draft Horse Classic “Art at the Classic” in Grass Valley, Ca.

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson is a twenty year veteran of the United States Navy with a BFA in painting from the Academy of Art University. Robert’s process is often an optimistic attempt at forging harmony from what begins as discord and chaos.

Working primarily with oil paints he utilizes a variety of substrates to include paper, wood, cotton canvas, linen, and even metallic surfaces. With these as his tools he endeavors to instill emotion and mood in his work by building atmosphere and depth with his own aesthetic sense.

This aesthetic sense relies heavily on finding a balance between the abstract and representational as he feels that some portions of his work are better left finished by the viewer’s imagination.

Mary Sorrels

Mary Sorrels began her work as a tile setter and later graphic designer in San Diego in the late 1980’s. Since that time, she has enjoyed exploring a number of mediums, including paint, wood, metal, stained and fused glass.

Mary’s has used her talents to support a number of non-profit organizations, supporting youth and families in a variety of settings. She created a 4 by 16 foot glass mosaic and several stained glass windows that remain on display at a Sacramento synagogue.

Margaret Ann Munson

Margaret is a local artist currently living in Galt, CA. Her love for art started as a young child where she won awards starting in elementary school for her pencil sketches of the great Live Oaks trees. Her first award came at the age of eight when one of her sketches was published in the local Farmers magazine.

She is self-taught but took art education whenever she could fit a class into her busy schedule. She received her graduate degree at the University of San Francisco while maintaining a fulltime job and raising her family.  

Margaret has painted for years using both oils and acrylics. She has also used a variety of mediums such as pastels, collage, ceramics, fabric art, pen sketching and some watercolors. Her style is bright colors, is varied and detailed and she is still in the process of determining in which medium and genre she prefers to work. 

Her work has been on display at the Elk Grove Fines Arts Center, and The Tong Gallery in Walnut Grove. She is a member of the Elk Grove Fine Art Center (EGFAC), the past President of The Elk Grove Artists (EGA)and is a member of the Northern California Artists (NCA).

Katherin Robbins

I have been drawing, and painting since the age of two.  I loved drawing, and throughout grade school, and high school I took classes in painting, photography, woodworking, and welding.  I went to Humboldt State to pursue a degree in Fine Arts.  Over the past 20 years I have taken sculpture classes from Stephen Kautenbach, Yoshio Taylor and painting classes from Fred Dalkey, and mixed media Susan Adan.  I have a lifetime love of creating and I am now retired so I can pursue painting, sculpture, mixed media and photography.  

Judy Thompson-Ng

Judy Thompson-Ng is a self-taught artist whose painting adventure started in oils while in upstate New York and then transitioned to watercolor.  The fluidity of the watercolor paint became her medium of choice.  She has painted still life, landscapes, and portraits. 

As a member of the SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild in Tucson Arizona and a juried member of Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, she explored different art techniques and mediums including painting on rice paper using hot wax called batiking.   She began to paint exclusively in this batik method.  In Hawai’i as an active member of a local alliance, her palette changed to bold colors and she participated in indoor and outdoor festivals.  In California, she now paints the local countryside and teaches watercolor batiking workshops.

Her palette and paper may change again but her love for art and desire to encourage others to explore their inner art will remain true.

DBA Judy’s Batiks. Please email her for information about her art: