Zentangle Art Basics with Kim Kohler – December 18, 2021


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Zentangle Art Basics with Kim Kohler

DATE/TIME: December 18, 2021 from 11AM-2PM at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center


The Basics workshop is about the zen and each stroke of the pen! Get ready to learn the 8 Basic Steps of the Zentangle Art Method while drawing patterns and creating some awesome art tiles. You will learn about the history and philosophy of Zentangle which also includes new words to add to your vocabulary. You will walk away feeling wonder and excitement with finished tiles and a goodie bag with all of the tools you need to keep tangling!

A Basics workshop is required if you want to take a Beyond Basics workshop.


I found Zentangle when I was going through cancer treatment. Practicing the method gave me a welcomed distraction to the unending emotional and physical pain that treatment brings with it. It only takes one stroke of the pen at a time…so I could make a couple of strokes and put the pen down until I felt better. I was amazed at the calm it brought over me and how the time seemed to melt away. There have been no signs of cancer since 2013, but I continue to endure chronic pain from ongoing treatment. I continue to use the Zentangle method to get through those days when the pain is too much or when my emotional state wears thin because of it.

This is more than art. It’s a way to take focus away from the pain and frustration and put the focus on something productive. It’s why I became certified to teach.


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