Exploring Abstraction with Judy Knott – February 12, 2022


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Exploring Abstraction with Judy Knott

February 12, 2022 from 11AM-4PM at the Center

Fees: $90 class, $15 materials

What is it about abstract art that makes us think, and has the power to bring out our emotions? Are you finding it difficult to create “good” abstract art? Are you struggling with getting started on a piece of abstract art? Do you want to dig deeper into techniques for this type of art?

Class Description

This class will teach you new techniques to create abstract art and will loosen you up so you can feel freer to create what it is you truly want to do. You’ll end up with a trove of new collage papers and a couple of finished pieces to frame or give as gifts. Please bring a mask and snacks. There will be a 30 minutes lunch break.

What To Bring To Class

  • Acrylic paint (black, white, red, blue, yellow, or three favorite colors)
  • Two brushes no smaller than 1 inch and preferably up to 2.5 inches
  • Palette and Palette knives for mixing (an old cookie sheet is fine)
  • Collage art papers that you may choose to include in your painting
  • Gloves and Aprons as needed
  • Instructor supplies additional materials, collage papers, and grounds for final pieces

About the Instructor

In 2008 Judy Knott went on an artist studio tour in Elk Grove California and at the last tour stop she met an artist whose artwork she admired and who was teaching art classes in her home. She jumped at the chance to take those lessons.

Judy received her Master Artist certification in 2016. She has shown her work at Crocker Art Museum, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Northern California Arts and the California State Fair. She has built her resume by competing in, and winning many awards in both local, national and international art shows.

Judy transitions easily between representational and abstract art. When painting more abstract compositions she might let collage lead the way and then begin the process of painting over and around pieces of paper and fiber. In taking up the cold wax and oil mediums she has seen her subject matter expand. Her artwork has been called painterly, inventive, fun and colorful, with a little wit thrown in on the side. “I want to have fun creating my art and for those who see it to have fun as well. I hope viewers will do the same thing I do when I finish a painting—smile.”


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