Beginning Acrylic with Andrea Morris, July 15, 2023


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Beginning Acrylic with Andrea Morris

Saturday, July 15, 2023 from 11AM-2PM at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center

FEES: $30 Workshop / $25 Materials

DESCRIPTION: Instructor will cover 12 points of painting with acrylics for beginners. Students will create a small 9×12 painting with instructor guidance.

MATERIALS: Instructor provides all materials.

FROM THE INSTRUCTOR: You bought your brushes, your bulk pack of canvases from the art store, your entry level beginner acrylic paint set. Everything is so shiny and new. Your brushes are stiff and perfectly pointed. Your paint tubes are so full they are bursting at the seams waiting for you to squeeze the first dollops onto your palette.

“This is easy!”  “I got this!”  “I love this paint it just goes on so smooth!”

Thirty minutes into the painting and you’re ready for some details.  You need to paint clouds.  But how?  “What brush should I use?”  “How do I make it look like clouds?”  Frustration starts to set in.  You decide to improvise “Whew!”  One hour into the painting you take a break.  “This painting doesn’t look anything like my reference!”  “How in the world did that artist make things look so real?”  “How did she move her hand and wrist and make it look so easy?”

“I need help!”  “I need a class!”


Bring your desire and join me in a journey into the wonderful world of painting.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: In her decades-spanning practice, Andrea Morris has explored wildlife and the human form through different materials and mediums. Self-taught, Andrea began painting as a means of dealing with the complexities of life in an ever changing social atmosphere. In her early work she created drawings of horses and familiar animals and later studied portrait works. Andrea later experimented with abstraction and assemblage in an attempt to free herself from the traditional genre. She returned to making paintings and watercolors in 2000. Andrea has developed the use of strong patterns and colors to represent the subjects in her compositions and uses the diverse objects to represent thoughts and emotions to tell the story behind the painting.