Acorn Filigree Watercolor with Teresa Steinbach-Garcia, September 14, 2022


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Acorn Filigree Watercolor Painting with Teresa Steinbach-Garcia

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 from 12:30-3PM at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center

FEES: $30 workshop + $15 materials (instructor provides all materials)

Class Description

You will be taught how to paint a negative painted Acorn Filigree.

About the Instructor

Teresa Steinbach-Garcia enjoys sharing her knowledge of watercolor. She believes learning basic techniques and teaching a step by step approach will expand a student’s watercolor enjoyment.

Teresa is a professional artist working in watercolor and pastel who once was a beginning artist who marveled and still does marvel at the world of ART and ARTIST.   And she’s still learning.