Nina Kuhl

From early childhood, Nina has loved the arts. She often spent free time drawing as a young child and won the only drawing contest she entered. She joined the Marine Corp in 1985, during her early adult years and dabbled, off and on, with drawing or painting but found herself too busy to get to enjoy it.

Nina and her husband, Jim Kuhl, moved to Elk Grove in 1997 where they raised their three talented children, Meghan, Jimmy and Matthew. Some locals know Nina from her karaoke years in Sacramento and Elk Grove. During those years, she was also stage director for the Western Idol, at the Elk Grove Western Festival, held at The Elk Grove Regional Park.

In 2016, she decided to revisit her artistic expression. Working with Bryan Martin at BCM Films as sound engineer and painting on canvas inspired her to make her life-long dream of owning a studio for the arts a reality. With enormous support from Jim, Stone Soup Studio for the Arts was built, featuring a large (3 car garage) size building for recording and film. She is also converting another space, of the same size, dedicated to painting, jewelry making and learning as much about art as possible.

Currently, Nina spends much of her time creating acrylic pours (fluid art) and jewelry, and has even taught a few individuals what she has learned in acrylic pours. Although she appreciates numerous forms of art, abstract and impressionism are what she is more drawn to. Some of Nina’s favorite artists are: Anatole Krasnyanske, Auguste-Emil Bellet, Tim Yanke, Marcus Glenn, Claude Monet and M.C. Escher…. the list actually goes on.

During the Month of October, Nina had the pleasure of being invited to The Elk Grove Art Center by Kim Shaw, who was one of its members and who also taught her to pour on tile. This is where Nina decided to become a member herself because she felt it would encourage her and push her to learn and keep painting as much as she can. You can visit Nina at

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