Jane Hansjergen

I cannot remember a time in my life when I have not felt the urge to create artistically. As
a young child I would spend many hours drawing or creating creatures made of mud. My
art has been influenced by my experiences of living abroad in Japan, Malaysia and Italy,
and traveling the world. My travels led to a deep fascination with cultural influences,
especially magical and shamanistic art, and the influence of the natural world in both. I
am intrigued with how art is expressed by indigenous artists, using natural materials such
as wood, bone, stone and clay. I always want to know about the myth, folk tale or
symbolism that lies behind the art.

I have worked with many mediums over the years, but again and again I am drawn back to
three dimensional sculpture. I have sculpted in clay, stone, wood, paper and found
objects. For years I mainly worked in clay, loving the fluidity and adaptability it presents.
In the last two years I have become obsessed with sculpting creatures and figures out of
found objects. I prefer the term “Upcycled” art and the concept that in the creation of
the sculpture, the new whole is greater and better than the original, individual parts!

Contact Information: hansjergen@surewest.net

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