About the Artist

Vic is a self-taught artist. A curator once said when someone was asking who are the artists in his gallery? He said there’s only one. He then called me an Eclectic Artist because of the different styles of art I have created.

When we migrated to the US in 1978, within a few months I joined the US Air Force. In my younger days, besides drawing I got into singing and dancing. I joined talent contest in singing and dancing while I was in the service and won! When I got out of the service, I got a job for the US Postal Service. This is when I did a mural inside the building that was posted in the SFGate before the building got demolished in 2018. I did some commissions while working for the post office. At the same time my cousin and I formed a band playing for night clubs and events. 1995 I moved to Boston and lived there for 11 years.

In 2005 my wife and I moved to Elk Grove Ca. 2011 is when I got the opportunity to show my talent to the public for the first time in a gallery in midtown Sacramento. I am now retired supervisor from the Post Office in Elk Grove and can fully put my passion into painting. I like to say its better late than never to show my artistic talent and make my daughters proud of their father.