Exhibition Dates: March 2 – 11, 2022

Join us for an opening reception on First Saturday, March 5 from 4-7PM

The Elk Grove Fine Arts Center recently held an art workshop involving “Sgraffito” techniques in clay. The students were from the EGACT, Elk Grove Adult Community Training (non-profit organization), that provides education and training for adults with development disabilities.

Learn more about this important organization at www.EGACT.org.

What is Sgraffito?

a technique used in painting, pottery, and glass, which consists of putting down a preliminary surface, covering it with another, and then scratching the superficial layer in such a way that the pattern or shape that emerges is of the lower colour” – Britannica

About the Instructor: Darrci Robertson

I consider myself a sculptor/ceramic artist.  My recent work is more autobiographical in nature, where I use characteristics, symbols, and emotions of the woman/ wife/ mother expressing her role in the world. I feel my experience as a mother of two boys and my years of marriage provides me with lots of material which I draw from to create an expressive piece of art. I often hear from people “tell me your story of why you created this piece.”  Although I enjoy telling them my story, for me ” their” thoughts or interpretations are most important to me!